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marathon elite

Welcome to marathon_elite, an elite icontest community dedicated to only one theme: word associations.
We’ve got some rules. Please read them carefully, it’ll only help you.
1) in order to participate you should apply first. Don’t join without applying – you’ll be rejected. However, watching and participating in voting is always good, so don’t hestitate!
2) what does it mean – word association?
You make an icon representing a word given by previous participant, post it and give a next word and so on. You can make fashion, stock, fandom, celebrities etc. icons (no porn icons! xd)
Please no repeats! If you posted an icon but someone was quicker than you, please delete your post and try your luck again with the new word :)
You can enter as many times as you want, but least 2 people after you should enter and only then you can enter again
3) make your own entries to post your icons. When making the post provide your icon like this: img+link. Tag your entries like this: ~icons, user: yourusername
4) all icons should meet LJ standarts: 40 Kb or less, 100x100 only, .jpg, .gif or .png
5) all effects are allowed, including animation.
6) don’t post others’ icons, only yours!
7) don’t vote for yourself or/and don’t ask anybody else to vote for you! Be fair! Cheaters’ll be banned.
8) Be nice to others.
9) Have fun!~

If you have some time and will, please, promote the community to make it more interesting!



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Social capital

  • less than 10